The Mean Jean Home Sprinkler

Preserve water and suppress fires with this water efficient and effective original Mean Jean Inc. Sprinkler Nozzle. This new low to high water pressure technology rapidly puts out fires without causing tones of water damage. Unlike existing devices, the Mean Jean technology does not require large amounts of water.

Use this economical firefighting solution on all types of fires using low water pressures. Replace current sprinkler systems in homes, high rise buildings, condos commercial and industrial applications to extinguish fires. Our design will result in reduced consequential water damages and save lives with our highly efficient ambient mist technology. When our sprinkler nozzle is activated, a fine water mist is produced from the four-sprinkler nozzle tip assembly.

The Mean Jean can be retrofitted into any existing sprinkler system.

This system also leaves a minimum of 5% oxygen in the air, reducing instances of death due to lack of oxygen.

This sprinkler system is designed to extinguish virtually all building combustibles, electrical fires, flammable liquids and gases with minimal water damage. This sprinkler head design extinguishes Class A, B and C fires.
Furthermore, the sprinkler can be positioned at any vertical or horizontal room heights such as ceiling, floor or wall levels.