The Mean Jean Chimney Nozzle

The ambient mist technology of Mean Jean Inc.

Our Chimney nozzle is unique due to its design. The Chimney Nozzle is used by lowering the device down a chimney while water is supplied, thereby creating an ambient mist as the chimney tool is lowered. The ambient mist extinguishes the fire quickly with little or no water damaged caused to the flute making it more efficient. The Chimney nozzle has no handle and is directly attached to a water hose line.

It has 4 nozzle head that puts out 8 G.P.M (gallons per minute) and 8 P.S.I. (pounds for square inch) All nozzles are tested to work from 0.03 to 125 P.S.I. This nozzle is intended for use against chimney or silo fires by attaching it to any available hose types or a firefighting hose. A hose attachment reducer can be used to adapt this nozzle to any size hose. This system will put out fires by smothering them.

This nozzle system can be used for all class types of fires including A.B.C. or D.

NOTE: All Fire fighting nozzles include an integral water filtering system.

Fire Fighting Nozzles is a Portable First Response Tool

These brass sprinkler nozzles provide an ambient mist spray for efficient and safe methods of fire extinguishing. Our nozzles can be used on either low or high pressure, at rates up to 125 pounds per square inch. This firefighting equipment uses 12 gallons of water per minute.

Install our brass nozzles on a permanent water system or use it with lightweight, portable firefighting equipment. This sprinkler requires little pressure to operate, but as the pressure is increased more water vapor is created.

We consider our sprinkler design to be more efficient than other ambient mist technologies. Our ambient mist technology removes suspended smoke particles, carcinogens and other airborne pollutants.

This nozzle system includes a wand hand hold attachment.