A New Age of Fire Suppression


Throughout his decades of experience as a firefighter, William Lowry developed fire suppression technology that protected firefighters from harm and caused far less fire and water material damage than the industry standard methods.


Mean Jean Inc. firefighting equipment “Ambient Mist Technology” efficiently extinguishes fires, displaces smoke particles, carcinogens, and other airborne pollutants.

Other advantages of this system include reducing water and fire damage while conserving the available water resource.

Fires are often so devastating because victims lose everything, not just to fire damage but also to water damage. The Mean Jean Inc. technology uses Ambient Mist, which uses a variable low to high pressure settings to extinguish fires that reduces water usage and damage.


Fire Test Burn for Mean Jean firefighting branch and Spray Mist sprinkler protection Device.

This test took place at Quinte West Fire training facility Murray Ward Quinte West On (Trenton). Chief John Whalen was in charge with his crewmen to do the testing in an unbiased and fair manner. The test began with a burn in a small well-ventilated building which should have presented some challenges but the “Mean Jean” system worked very efficiently extinguishing the fire completely with approximately three (3) gallons of water. High pressure water setting was used for this application requiring a small amount of water that resulted in negligible water damage.


A second test was set in a much larger area with a mix of combustibles that were piled high. The flammable materials included wood pallets, straw, tar, oil, gasoline, paper and other combustibles which made a toxic witches brew.

The structure was a large oil tank about 25 feet long and 12 ft. in diameter lying on its side with a large door opening giving the fire a high level of oxygen availability. Just prior to the test, Fire chief Whalen initially indicated that this fire test setting would produce too great a fire for the Mean Jean to be successful. Turned out the test results proved him wrong and they succeeded in a very efficient manner.


The firefighters required to wear full turn-out gear to approach the fire because of intense heat and smoke. Using a handheld heat sensor tool, the fire temperature was established in excess of 1200 degrees. After an initial water application with the Mean Jean portable wand and sprinkler head, the temperature dropped 300 degrees. Then after changing the head (applicator) tip to a double house sprinkler head, the temperature dropped another 300 degrees. The initial six hundred (600) degree temperature drop was accomplished in sixty-two (62) seconds. The fire was then extinguished within minutes.

This Mean Jean sprinkler system test exceeded expectations by all present.

The test pressure used was between 45psi-62psi.

This test was recorded by video and witnessed by approximately twenty-five (25) firefighters along with the Quinte West Fire Chief John Whalen.

“A NEW AGE OF FIRE SUPPRESSION HAS FINALLY ARRIVED”, Contact us today for more information on Ambient Mist Technology.